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Last night was the clubs annual Portfolio evening where our members are asked to submit three prints, each of different genres showing a range of photographic skills and techniques.

The evening was a huge success and very enjoyable. Firstly,  we have to thank Graham Parry for being a fantastic judge for the evening and for being open minded and providing us with positive constructive comments which was greatly appreciated by everyone. I’ve included a few comments from our at the bottom of this article.

Secondly,  It was great to see so many of our members contributing and taking part, for many this was first time as a print competition so well done.

Lastly, the standard of work was exceptional and a credit to where this club is heading.

Congratulations go to Patrick O’Meara for coming up with a maximum score of 60,  to Richard Huckett for the judges choice of Portfolio of the evening and Andrew Webb for individual image of the evening but the overall winner was the club.. Well done every one.


A perfect score for Patrick O’Meara’s amazing and creative submission

Full results and examples of the evening to follow.


Some of the comments from our members..

“What a great judge tonight! He obviously has a passion for what he does, can appreciate the aim of the photographer, encourages and thinks outside of the box, can we book him again please? I really enjoyed the night”

“Really great and enjoyable evening. Agree with everyones comments regarding the judge. Very positive and encouraging. The club is going from strength to strength and the images just really outstanding. Loved the cool sun glasses and amazed at Patricks art. Totally inspiring”

“It was a great night of judging, very constructive! Much more rewarding to listen too. He did a great job. So many good entry’s and many deserving 20,s. Well done!”

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