Photographer of the year

The photographer of the year competition 2022 is an 9 round competition.  Competitions are digital unless otherwise stated.   
You can see the results below. 

All club members can submit up to 2 images to each round of the competition.  The photographer who accumulates the most points by the end of the year wins the silver trophy.   

Round 4 results

Round 5 – Congratulations to Andy Webb on getting image of the night with “Glen Lichid To Morvich” – seen below


Zoe Harris - Photographer of the Year 2021

2021 Digital Competitions

round 8

Results for 2019 



Lee Woodcraft Photographer of the year 2019 Baddow Camera Club


Congratulations to Lee Woodcraft – Winner 2019

People in places 2-6 compete for the presidents cup at the end of the year

Best 8 rounds will count to the overall total.  Worst 2 are dropped out.

Congratulations to Andy Webb – Winner 2018


Congratulations to Richard Huckett – Winner 2017

 Trophy Presentation

Congratulations to Richie Cunningham – winner for 2016



Richard Huckett – winner for 2015